Better! Not Just “Me Too”

Here’s what people say about our Better Butter Balms.

Great for eczema. Our 4 year old has eczema. Since using this hard lotion, she hasn’t had an outbreak!

From Michelle B.:
Oh my goodness! Thanks Noreen!
First, let me say that these are much bigger than they seem in the last picture.
My son Timmy has severe eczema and the only thing that really worked for him is coconut oil (thanks Mary Br**** for filling me in on why!). Its not just a moisturizer, but an anti-fungal and a few other things. Anyway, it heals him and prevents breakouts too.
Carrying a glass jar in your diaper bag full of oil is not my idea of wisdom. This is SO much better!
Timmy calls it his "itchy stick." When he gets itchy, he asks me for it. He rubs it on and literally sighs.
If you've been hesitant in giving this a try - I encourage you to wait no more.
I've spent way more money on expensive lotions that did not work. This is great!

From Debbie H.:
I am a sixty-something Caucasian woman with dry skin. Recently, my face has become sensitive to drug store face products. When my friend, Noreen, started making the Better Butter Balm I bought some to be a friend. I love the stuff. I use it every morning after a shower and anytime that I put on makeup. I've tried the trendy "natural" products. Better Butter Balm is better.

From Eileen S.:
Use your better butter balm day an night and your skin will not crack or feel rough n tight!!!
   Fixes n soothes itchy dry skin, like eczema, psoriasis an many more things!!

For baby soft skin that looks years younger use better butter balm for results like no other!!

From Sherry P.:
My absolute favorite Better Butter Balm is the Frosted Cranberry. The smell of it is just heavenly.
When I wear it I find myself smelling my hands throughout the day. The fact that the ingredients except for the fragrance, are all natural is an added bonus.

From Fiona:
I am still wearing my boot after 4 weeks, and 6 weeks after surgery. Tonight I could NOT get comfortable. The boot was just ‘irritating’ me. So, I decided to apply my better butter balm. Guess what?!?!?! As soon as I put my boot back on, the irritation was gone, and the skin stayed very moist!

Better ingredients

  • 100% Natural Beeswax
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
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Great for: Dry skin / Eczema / Chapped Lips / Tough, cracked skin